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FE's risk profiling Attitude to Risk Questionnaire | FE Analytics

Assess your clients’ attitude to investment risk to inform your investment advice

During the advice process, understanding your client’s attitude to risk is a crucial starting point for any discussion around investment strategy.



FE’s Attitude to Risk Questionnaire, powered by eValue Investment Solutions, helps you assess your client’s risk profile, taking into account individual needs and goals, featuring:

  • An asset allocation output
  • Customisable output
  • Term adjusted outputs

Key features

Asset allocation

This questionnaire, found within FE Analytics, provides a suggested asset allocation rather than a list of funds. This provides investment guidance but is not prescriptive.


Results differ according to the term of the investment, so whilst there are 5 levels of risk there are 15 outcomes, as three-time horizons are taken into account.


The questionnaire can be tailored by you for your clients, and then printed or emailed to them.

End-to-end investment process

The EValue attitude to risk questionnaire also forms the bedrock of FE’s risk profiling tool, FE Analytics+ Investment Planner.


FE Analytics+ Investment Planner 

This is a step by step investment process from assessing your client’s attitude to risk, discussing and selecting suitable investment options through to summarising your investment process in client friendly reports. 

The FE Analytics+ Investment Planner process explained: (for more details see notes to editors):

  • Assessing clients’ attitude to risk - powered by EValue, the Attitude to risk questionnaire is designed to establish the level of risk each client is willing to take and helps advisers understand a client’s capacity for loss.
  • Investment solutions for each risk profile  - The FE Risk Score is an independent measurement of risk, applied to the whole of the market as no provider pays to be rated. Advisers can programme their preferred investment options into the tool against each risk profile for everyone in the firm to view, compare and select. 
  • Client friendly reporting - the final step in the Investment Planner process is a report centre, that allows advisers to summarise every part of the process that has led to the recommendation. From ‘possibility of losses’ reports, that review the inherent risk of each risk grade, to ‘switch reports’ that compare the existing portfolio to the recommended portfolio, there are plenty of options to build a robust recommendation report in minutes. All reports are saved against each client and can be retrieved quickly for future review.
  • Fully customisable – the tool can be tailored to match advisers’ own investment propositions.


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