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Assess your clients’ attitude to investment risk to inform your investment advice

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During the advice process, an understanding of the differing risks your clients are prepared to take with their investments is the starting point for any discussion around investment strategy.


FE’s Attitude to Risk Questionnaire, powered by eValue Investment Solutions, helps you assess your client’s risk profile, taking into account individual needs and goals, featuring:

  • An asset allocation output
  • Customisable output
  • Term adjusted outputs

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Key Features

Asset allocation output

This questionnaire provides asset allocation output rather than a suggested list of funds. This provides guidance over what to invest in, but is not prescriptive.

Term adjusted outputs

Results differ according to the term of the investment, so whilst there are 5 levels of risk there are in fact 15 outcomes, as 3 time horizons are taken into account.

Customisable outputs

The questionnaire can be tailored by you for your clients, and then printed or emailed to them.