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Simple, reliable and accurate fund ratings to inform better investment decisions

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With over 3,000 UK retail funds to choose from, we want to help you cut through the noise and focus on the quality investment opportunities that your clients deserve. We have produced a set of simple, reliable and accurate ratings tools which can uniquely work together, whatever your investment style, to help you make better investment decisions.




Key Benefits

Get a balanced view of potential

When researching funds, both fund performance and a manager’s historical performance should be taken into account to get a more rounded and unbiased view on the potential of that fund.  We are the only ratings organisation that enables you to focus on both aspects.

Cover all angles to simplify your process

Incorporate a multitude of investment styles and ratings: from group to manager, fund to risk, and adviser recommended to our own buyers’ list ratings.  We’ve got you covered as your one-stop-shop, so you can stop website hopping and focus your time effectively.

Key Features

Ratings to power your research

Use FE to complement your research team

A dedicated team ensures that our ratings are accurate, reliable and consider every possible aspect of a fund. Treat us as part of your own research team. We will help you build a more informed buy-list to increase your chances of success.

Our credibility helps keep your independence

You can rely on our credibility to ensure your independent advice is not compromised and retain trust with your clients. We are truly independent, don't accept payment of any sort to rate funds, and rate everything and everyone regardless.

Reassure your clients – use the advisers’ preferred ratings and research company

Independently confirmed as the advisers’ choice when researching funds, you can trust in our quantitative methodologies to provide an accurate and reliable ratings system.

Don’t miss out on new opportunities

Our ratings may unearth new investment possibilities for you to consider for your clients. What’s more, you can set up alerts on FE Trustnet or FE Analytics for each fund to see if they’ve increased their ratings or dropped any, enabling you to promptly take action if required.

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Ratings explained

Instant access to ratings across a multitude of platforms

  • A longer term view to fairly reflect a fund’s performance
  • Full asset manager performance history
  • Bespoke sectors for comparing risk targeted measures
  • Unique group ratings that show the strength of asset managers and their team
  • A skilled team of analysts conducting in-depth qualitative research
  • Analysis from all angles to find the best funds, fund managers and investment houses

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Don't just take our word for it

Some of the biggest names in the business rely on us.  PK Group use our FE Invest Approved fund list.

“We use the FE Invest Approved list in the construction of our in-house portfolios.  Upon taking up the service, we were very pleased to discover that many of our previous fund choices were already covered.  We now have a far more robust process in place to back up our convictions."
“We receive the FE Invest Approved List and all FE Research reports via our FE Analytics subscription, so all of the latest data is delivered to PK Group rapidly and intuitively.”

Bernard Rust, Operations Manager and IFA, PK Group

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