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FE Crown Ratings | FE Fund Ratings for Advisers

FE ratings, crown ratings and awards explained

Support your clients in making better investment decisions by using a comprehensive range of fully independent ratings and awards to suit every investment style, covering all asset classes and sectors.


We are the only provider that contains a rating for every investment style, researching all aspects of a fund, making it even easier to select the most appropriate funds for your clients:

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Key Features

Track passive performance

Use FE Passive Fund ratings to see how well a passive fund is doing its job at tracking its benchmark over the past 3 years – the hallmark of a good passive fund.  Funds are ranked between 1 and 5 crowns.

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Track active performance

Use FE Crown Fund ratings to gauge a fund’s performance versus a benchmark over the past 3 years – the top 10% of funds are awarded the best rating of 5 crowns.

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Accurately assess risk

Compare how volatile a fund is against the FTSE 100 – excellent for explaining to your clients how risky a fund is with an identifiable index.

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Identify the strongest fund managers

FE’s Alpha Manager ratings showcase the top 10% of all managers in the UK.  These can be used to select fund managers with a proven track record of strong performance across a variety of market movements.

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Identify the strongest groups

Only groups who have proven they have an edge against others in an asset class receive an FE Group rating.  Not every asset class has a rated group – if no one stands out, no one gets rated.

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See what your peers are recommending

The AFI panel is a group of leading financial advisers that select funds based on those actually recommended to their clients.  The AFI Aggressive, Balanced and Cautious portfolios carry real-life credibility – providing insight into the benefits of holding top quality funds.

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Impress your clients

Ratings are an excellent way of communicating decisions made on fund selection.

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Demonstrate independence

By using FE Ratings, you are demonstrating your complete independence to clients, which will aid in building trust.  We are not paid to rate anything, so you can have total peace of mind in the reliability of our ratings.

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Simplify and inform

FE Ratings help eliminate jargon and simplify an often complex language into something your clients can relate to and understand.  You can download cheat sheets for them that explain what the ratings mean and how they should be interpreted; helping you add value.

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Offer a professional service

Integrated into FE Trustnet and FE Analytics, you can easily run reports to demonstrate to your clients how their funds are rated, or provide an opportunity to engage them in the decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many different types of fund rating do you offer?

Six.  FE Passive, FE Crown Fund, FE Alpha Manager, FE Group, FE AFI and FE Invest Recommended.  We also have a ‘risk’ category for information.

How are your ratings different to other offerings in the market place?

We offer much more than a suite of ratings.  Our ratings are designed to work together to combine the best of quantitative analysis with qualitative examination to produce a holistic view of how a fund has performed.

We are the only company to provide this 360 degree view and believe it truly adds an extra dimension to the way funds can be selected.

How much do asset managers pay for a fund rating?

We do not accept payment for any rating.  This keeps our ratings completely impartial and in turn, allows you to feel secure in the knowledge that you remain independent.

Where can I see your ratings?

As a trusted ratings and research company, we have one of the largest distribution networks in the UK. 

How often do your ratings rebalance?

Our ratings vary in their rebalance times – with weekly, bi-annual and annual cycles.  Speak to one of our experts to find out more.

Isn’t FE just quant based?

No.  While quantitative analysis forms the heart of our ratings, we have a qualitative rating in the form of the FE Invest Recommended List.  This fund buy-list draws from all of our ratings to produce a selection of funds we believe could add real value to investors’ portfolios.

Research by Platforum and Schroders has shown that more IFAs use our ratings and research to assist them with fund selection than anyone else in the UK.

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