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Investment Web Feed | FE Analytics + Digital for Advisers

Empower your clients with investment information delivered through your website

FE Analytics + Digital is an investment data feed that allows your clients to view fund information (including your own model portfolios) and access a wide range of original documents from your website.

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FE Analytics + Digital can be customised to match your brand, fund range and investment messages so that you can deliver tailored and powerful information solutions to clients via your own website.

Our online investment tools are constantly evolving to ensure that you benefit from the latest functionality, the freshest data and the most innovative solutions.

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Key Benefits

 Bring the power of award-winning FE Analytics to your website

Intuitive templates

A range of 12 intuitive templates that can be easily added to a website or client portal to display fund and/or portfolio data to your clients.

A wealth of information

Factsheets, Key Investor Information Documents and Prospectuses.

Intelligent tools

Price displays, fund filters, charting, risk/return scatter charts and comparison reports, portfolio scanning, portfolio management


“A complete and accurate view of our portfolios along with the interactivity of the FE Analytics+ Digital Solution should prove to be a real benefit to those interested in our award-winning investment management services”.

Lee Robertson, CEO Investment Quorum

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