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FE Precision+ is a fund management software suite that consolidates and validates all of your fund data then distributes it where, when and how you want it. Take full advantage of this clean data and use our additional modules to bring the data to life and communicate with your customers directly. From automated factsheets to tailored website tools we can help you connect with your customers.




Reduce the time and resource commitments you spend on managing your data and distribution. 

FE Precision+ offers an end to end fund data management and communication solution; from data analysis, dissemination, distribution, and reporting to the production of websites, factsheets and sales tools. We will work with you to ensure that you have the most accurate, consistent and reliable data in front of your clients - wherever they are. What's more, we will help you display and interpret that data to reflect the strengths of your funds and your brand. 

What's included?

FE Precision+

  • Dissemination- Effective, compliant data control distributed where you need it
  • Digital- Getting your data seen online and on brand with cutting edge tools
  • Documents- Improving communication through document production
  • Datafeeds- Getting your data where and when it needs to be


Build trust and increase the value of your business

  • Prove to your customers and the wider market that you take a responsible attitude towards data transparency and integrity. FE Precision+ helps ensure your data is displayed correctly and consistently across all outlets reassuring your customers that the information they see is accurate and reliable.

Scalable to expand as your business grows

  • Whether your business increases its product offerings or wants to venture into other markets, FE Precision+ is fully equipped to help you through this process using our global distribution network and internationally viable communication modules. What’s more, we don’t charge for additional share classes so you can grow without being penalised for your success

Regulatory scrutiny

  • De-risk against data errors and the repercussions that arise from them. Given increasing scrutiny on data accuracy in the marketplace FE Precision+ helps ensure your data is accurate and compliant to meet your regulatory requirements

Peace of mind

  • More checks than anyone else. We've developed 3 ways of checking your data so it remains dependable wherever your customers might view it
  • We regularly review the latest FCA regulations to ensure we adhere to them so you don’t have to worry
  • Be confident that your funds are represented in the most accurate and consistent way possible across platforms and websites
  • As the only ISO9001 accredited fund data provider in Europe you can rely on your data being treated with respect


  • Our data management and communication software modules are built to complement each other. This means you can reduce the operational risk in your project as you don't need to worry about complex software integration and data errors
  • Using FE Precision+ to manage your data will free up the time you need to focus on your customers
  • Focus on your data strategy by taking the tactical pain out of vendor and platform data management relationships
  • As we have offices in Europe, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia you can be confident that your data can be rolled out internationally as your business grows

Real value

  • We offer a market leading product suite that delivers a comprehensive service for all your data management needs. There are many providers who will manage your data; many other providers who will offer factsheet or web tool products to help you communicate this data. FE Precision+ breaks down this unnecessary complexity, delivering better value, reducing errors and then providing you with a single point of contact for any data issue
  • With the majority of advisers using at least one of our online research tools our market share is unparalleled. We’ve developed a unique insight into what advisers want to see; this knowledge that has been built into the very foundations of FE Precision+
  • Our support service has been described as ‘high quality’ by 85% of customers — for us it's more than just data; it's about high quality and positive communication. 

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Data dissemination

  • We collect, process and validate your data
  • We challenge and correct data anomalies to ensure complete accuracy
  • We ensure your data is represented consistently internally and to the public with a single source of clean data
  • We send your data where it is needed, including vendors, platforms and supermarkets

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  • We enable you to choose where in the world you want your data sent to maximise its impact using our global penetration
  • Delivered in a localised format for regional providers
  • Automatically disseminate clean data across internal global departments


Document production

Digital communication






Fund centres

Fund Tools





Document Production

  • We take the pain out of document production. With the FE Precision+ approach to document production you can ensure that all communication material is compliant, accurate and in the format you want.
  • Including
    • Factsheets
    • PRIIPs
    • KIIDs

Learn more about document production

Digital communication

  • Commit less resource, impress more customers. FE Precision+ Digital has been creating innovative web tools for over 10 years. From asset managers to pension providers, from IFAs to publishers, clients have invested in us to produce high quality tools to display their products in the best possible ways. By using FE Precision+ Digital you can commit less internal resource, but still impress your customers with accurate, impressive, timely information.
  • Including
    • Websites
    • Fund centres
    • Fund tools
    • Charting

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  • Always in touch for reliable data calls. FE Precision+ Datafeeds delivers only relevant information to suit your needs. Our APIs can be called virtually at any time so you know you are receiving the latest data available. With turnaround times in as little as 2 weeks and with all information delivered from one source, FE Precision+ Datafeeds will not only save you time, but supply highly accurate, up-to-date data the way you want it.
  • Including
    • APIs
    • Widgets


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