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Commit less resource, impress more customers. FE Precision+ Digital has been creating innovative web tools for over 10 years. From asset managers to pension providers, from IFAs to publishers, clients have invested in us to produce high quality tools to display their products in the best possible ways. By using FE Precision+ Digital you can commit less internal resource, but still impress your customers with accurate, impressive, timely information.




Let your investment products speak for themselves by producing stunning visualisations of your data to captivate and inform your customers. With a variety of fund web tools and platforms to choose from FE Precision+ Digital effortlessly integrates with your brand and helps you provide interesting, timely and accurate ways to display your data.

Available for production

Bring your fund data to life and keep your customers engaged with a host of different fund tool widgets:

  • Factsheets- HTML
  • Factsheets- PDF
  • Fund centres
  • Price display
  • Fund filter
  • Charting
  • Risk/return scatter charts and comparison reports
  • Portfolio scanning
  • Portfolio management
  • Download

Key Benefits

Unique solutions

  • Every product from our extensive library is unique. We’ll match your brand design, investment product range and features required to seamlessly show off our data on your website.
  • We expedite delivery and keep costs down by using our in-house configuration platform enabling you to see results in as little as 2 weeks. No need for drawn out, lengthy project plans.

The perfect host

  • All FE Precision+ Digital tools are hosted by us and we will manage the entire integration, freeing up valuable time and reducing the impact on your internal resources.
  • Quantitative market information stats are provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of your tools together with the level of customer interaction.


  • Our web tools are constantly evolving to ensure that you benefit from the latest functionality, the freshest data and the most innovative solutions.
  • Using FE Precision+ Digital ensures your tools can be automatically updated meaning less impact on your internal resources.

Accurate data

  • As part of the FE Precision+ family you can be sure the data used is accurate, timely and consistent.

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Key Features

FE Precision+ Digital follows a 5 step process to managing your tool production:


Responsive designs

All of our tools are fully responsive for smart phones and tablets, catering for a modern audience. We also offer PDF and HTML display options to satisfy every requirement.

Interactive elements

From collapsible content for easier reading to dynamic charts, your customers will be given every opportunity to engage.

Guidance for customers

Customers will be left informed at every stage of their session with the use of hover over help text boxes. Add links and pictures for added clarity.

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We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us and one of our specialists will walk you through how we can help bring your data to life with our digital solutions.

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