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Fund Research | FE Analytics for Institutions

Research the market, improve your sales pitch and win more business

FE Analytics is at the heart of many advisers’ Centralised Investment Process. Research your company’s funds and see how they fare in the market to gain a better understanding of how advisers see you.


Impress your customers and deliver real insight

However you run your funds and investments, as an asset manager you require the provision of timely, robust, independent data coupled with a wide range of advanced modelling, analytical, reporting and presentation tools. FE Analytics provides all of this and has consistently proved to be the leader in its field. You can get access anytime, anywhere with automatic daily updates.

A different level of investment data

The breadth and quality of our investment data sets us apart; an extensive range of onshore, offshore and international funds, life, pensions, ETFs, investment trusts, equities and more are at your fingertips.


Win new business

  • Quickly and easily model your prospect’s current investment situation and optimise your proposed investment solution using your own funds
  • Show in which scenarios your funds may complement other investments to form a winning portfolio.
  • Use our Investment Forecaster to compare the projected returns of the prospect's current portfolio against your suggested investment model
  • Create professional, branded reports to present to your prospects. With 33% of advisers using the tool, chances are they’ll relate to them

Track your competitors

  • Monitor your funds’ peer groups and see how you fare against them using our comparison tools
  • Put alerts on competitors’ funds for any major performance, ratings or capital event changes
  • See the most bought and sold funds in your sectors and find out where advisers are seeing value
  • View the holdings of your peers and evaluate how they may affect performance and investment strategy

See through the eyes of an adviser

  • 3,000 adviser firms and 84% of the top 100 use FE Analytics for their own research. Use FE Analytics to see what they see
  • See how your funds are being represented
  • Find out how advisers analyse and sort prospective investments
  • Discover how to present your funds in the best light using our research tools

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