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Use FE’s market-leading position in the UK’s investment intermediary space to get your content across to leading fund selectors. FE Connect is a unique proposition that helps you strategically position all your research and insights direct to advisers, during the different stages of their buying journey.


Just producing engaging and relevant fund research and insights is not enough. The asset management industry has traditionally found it difficult to reach the right audience and to increase readership of content on their websites. Using FE Connect will enable you to publish all your fund and market research simultaneously on to FE Analytics and FE Trustnet, thereby making it accessible to more than 84% of the top IFA firms* in the UK and about 300,000 Trustnet users.

*Published by Matrix Solutions and FT Adviser

Simple and efficient process

Just provide us with all your content in a pdf or video format, and we will publish it on the award winning FE Analytics adviser research tool and the market leading investment website FE Trustnet.

Key Benefits

Dominant reach

Leverage FE’s market-leading position in the UK’s adviser space by combining the dual advantages of FE Trustnet’s wide reach and FE Analytics’ focused user base. FE is used by 80% of advisers* that consume third‐party research for fund selection or building in‐house solutions.

*Platforum Research, January 2017

Synchronised content distribution

Distribute your content across multiple platforms at the same time, reaching the target base it was designed for.

Measurable through MI

Use detailed MI to track the reach of your articles and content, and to further tailor them based on user feedback.

Dedicated support team

Access to a dedicated support team to manage quick turnarounds, and address queries and issues promptly and efficiently.


The product is completely scalable, with the ability to handle content across a few target funds as well as your entire portfolio if needed.

Key Features

Strategic positioning

Strategic positioning of your content throughout FE Analytics and FE Trustnet, compliments the existing material and also encourages maximum engagement whilst supporting the adviser’s research journey.


Each article or video is tagged to individual fund or groups, optimising research and fund selection.

User friendly

Content can be easily filtered based on what the users are researching thereby making it quick to find relevant content.

Clean presentation

Documents open on a pdf viewer and videos on a separate window, without users having to leave the site.

Actionable intelligence

Improve your content based on feedback from users to produce effective messages for your audience.

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