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Meet your regulatory requirements and reduce your risks

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FE's Regulatory Data Services capitalises on our extensive experience in data and our understanding of the different regulations to provide you with efficient solutions that help you remain compliant.


Comply with the evolving regulatory landscape, optimise your internal resources and reduce risk

FE Precision+ Regulatory Data Services is designed to alleviate some of the data challenges that you may face in meeting your PRIIPs and MiFID II regulatory obligations. The solution consists of data collection, validation, undertaking complex calculations, data dissemination, and document production and distribution.

What's included?

FE Precision+ Regulatory Data Services helps Asset Managers, Platforms and Life Companies meet their data-related obligations by supporting you with:



Accurate and timely data

  • Partnering with FE will ensure that your data is highly accurate. Our ISO accredited processing teams check and validate all the data as part of the collection process to ensure it is correct, thereby improving accuracy and timeliness, and reducing your business, reputational and compliance risks.


  • We have been participating in various industry working groups to better understand the regulation and facilitate solution building. Given our understanding and expertise, we can help create services that will enable you to be fully compliant.

Peace of mind

  • By outsourcing some of your regulatory burden to us, you can focus on your clients and growing your business.

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Data collection and validation

  • We will collect your data via our Data Partner Portal, which provides the latest template specifications, regulatory updates and delivery instructions
  • We validate, challenge and correct data anomalies to ensure complete accuracy
  • We ensure your data is represented consistently internally and to the public with a single source of clean data

Learn more about the Data Partner Portal

Data Dissemination

  • We help you understand who to send the data to
  • Delivered in multiple formats to suit your needs and that of your clients
  • You can track and monitor the data at anytime, using our dashboard

Learn more about dissemination

Learn more about datafeeds

Document Production

  • Where applicable, we can help you with document production to ensure that all communication material is compliant, accurate and in the format you want.
  • Including
    • PRIIPs
    • KIIDs

Learn more about document production

Learn more about our KIIDs service

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