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Optimise and streamline your fund distribution efforts and processes

Our Dissemination and Loopback services enable the timely distribution of fund data to key distribution partners, enabling you to extend your reach and streamline your distribution processes effectively while maintaining full control of your data. Additionally our Fee and Distribution Channel Management solution can help you reduce costs by 50%.  

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Extend your distribution reach and gain operational efficiencies

In order to gain direct access to our leading network of private banks, distribution platforms and data vendors, and to make it on fund selector’s shortlists, up-to-date fund data and documents need to be made available by asset managers. By utilising our Dissemination service you join the asset management industry's largest and most reputable asset managers who already leverage the service. It allows you to gain instant access to a global distribution network to help you succeed in a hyper-competitive market. 

Opting for the Loopback service allows you to easily verify and report on distributed and published fund data through a single dashboard, making it simpler to identify data discrepancies.

Furthermore, you have the option to streamline your distribution channels by entrusting your Fee & Distribution Management to FE fundinfo. By leveraging our expertise, you can save up to 50% on overhead costs through our economies of scale.

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  • Direct access to global fund markets

    With our Dissemination services you get direct access to FE fundinfo's leading distribution network of international fund distributors, media partners and data vendors.  

  • Regulatory compliance

    Always fulfill regulatory demands impacting distributor and client needs. We have the requisite regulatory expertise to advise on cross border implications to help you optimise fund distribution operations while meeting disclosure requirements for PRIIPs, UCITS, MiFID. SFDR, SDR, and Solvency II.

  • Distribution and marketing insights

    You get access to dashboards and reports that provide fund data consumption insights and information across the distribution network. 

  • Operational efficiencies

    You save time and administrative costs as you are dealing with one experienced partner to scale distribution and for the management of your distribution channels. 


How we support you

Data Dissemination

Our Data Dissemination service ensures your distribution partners receive the latest fund information, such as daily fund prices, static data, fees and charges, MiFID II, PRIIPS and SFDR data, as well as cost breakdowns.

  • Direct access to global fund markets
  • Data validation & quality control
  • Seamless exchange
  • A complete solution

Document Dissemination

FE fundinfo Document Dissemination ensures the timely, compliant and efficient delivery of all your legal, regulatory and marketing fund documents to a large network of distribution partners, investors and financial media.

  • Compliance tracking
  • Quality management
  • Investor communication
  • Regulatory compliance
  • A complete solution


Our Loopback service ensures end-to-end anomaly resolution, leveraging over 15 years of experience in fund data management. Our inhouse data team conducts quality control checks with real-time updates on a single dashboard, providing a snapshot view of your fund data health accessible via the Fund Information Hub.

  • End-to-end reconciliation
  • Faster reconciliation
  • Automated issue detection
  • Transparent reporting

Full Portfolio Holdings Dissemination

Meet the demand for increased transparency, grow AuM and ensure regulatory compliance through FE fundinfo’s Full Portfolio Holdings Data Dissemination service.

  • Embargo management
  • Secure data management
  • Full control & governance
  • Automatic data distribution
  • Bespoke requirements

MPS Directory

Distribute your managed portfolios to the market and allow financial advisers to access and monitor the underlying data of your portfolios.

  • Effective data distribution
  • Accurate data
  • Asset growth
  • Targeted marketing
  • Selective distribution


We help you grow your distribution network and AuM

Our large network of partners trust us to ensure the seamless transfer of timely and accurate data, crucial to enriching their own propositions. We work with the leading global financial institutions and a broad range of solutions providers.

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Philipp Portmann

Head of Innovation and Business Development, FE fundinfo

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